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The Home Business Explosion

homebus4.jpg (6477 bytes)The re-engineering and downsizing trend that defined the 1990s sparked a growing disenchantment with corporate life. As a result, a millennial movement is in full swing which includes an estimated 20 million people leaving unfulfilling jobs in favor of the freedom of self-employment.

This trend toward self-employment, and the availability of compact, affordable office technology offers home offices the sophistication and global reach of large corporations.

Clearly, America is in the midst of an extraordinary workplace transformation. As we head into the new millennium, the home-based business phenomenon shows no sign of slowing down.

Right now, there are 25 million independent workers in the United States: 14 million self-employed, 8 million independent contractors, and 3 million temporary professionals, and these numbers are on the rise.

Business management and consulting professionals agree that the home business movement is the breeding ground for financial success and personal independence.

Our goal is helping businesses change the way they collect their accounts receivables. We want to do this by establishing a limited number of Cash Flow Management Service Centers around the country. This business is establishing millionaire entrepreneurs, some making six-digit incomes within their first year. We want to help you profit from the dramatic change in the way American businesses collect their money.

Our Commitment

homebus2.jpg (4946 bytes)We are committed to your success, no matter what level you wish to attain. Some may want an additional income each month to pay bills. Others may prefer to work the business part-time, adding clients until their part-time income surpasses their current full-time income.

We offer a proven combination of on-going training and support services which includes:


  • On-site, at your location training at no extra charge

  • Office Environment Setup Consulting

  • Lead Generation Support

  • Marketing Plan Development & Support

  • Software Technical Support

If you have a desire to be in your own business, or if you already have a service-based business and would like to augment your current services portfolio, please review our site carefully. If you have further questions, or you have made a decision to pursue this opportunity, contact us. We'll help you get started.


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